Bulletin No 3 - now available!

  It's been more than just a while, but - finally - ehre we are! Bulletin No 3 presents itself right there; so if you want to read some more about WMTBOC - you're welcome.

 There are few chapters, that you you should to pay attention at. Like deadlines for entries; we're still waiting for the competitors, who are going to take part in the Championship. As well as for those, who'd like to compete in Open event. What else?

  Some more details - like approximate parameters of courses. Final version wil be published in Bulletin 4, but you may ecpect tiny changes only. And what more? Symbols! Thre will be some different meaning of a symbol like that...


... on a map of long distance and sprint distance. Check it out.

There is some info concerning camper users also, as number of participant want to travel and live this way during WMTBOC.

Well - check it yourselves; and than enjoy the competition!