Dense thing

  Dense forest to penetrate, wild animals and some illegal stills deep in this forest - and moreover CP's hidden even better, than those creatures&natives. So - interesting navigation, some special tasks for refreshment and a canoe trip for dessert. All of this - and even more - waiting for competitors during our May event in Poland!

 There were some very good events in Poland in the beginning of May, but Puszcza Knyszyńska is a brand new place to compete. Which is quite strange, as it seems to be perfect place for such activities. And another factor rises its attractiveness even higher - there are may good orienteering maps, so may use them - and we surely will - during our AR event.

  Course's schemes will appear soon on the website. As for today, we may reveal, that there will be quite a lot of discipline changes for both (long and short) courses. Long course will have some massive inline/trek stage at the end of the course - just before a final canoe stage.  A little special task than -and, welcome to the finish area! Same story (except for inlines) on the short course...

 So - do not hesitate to come! We (and bisons below) are waiting for you... And - today is the last day of the cheaper entry-fee term!