Change! Gentlemen, on board!

  Well, it's time to make a decision. So - we would like to announce a change in the rules of the 360 Raid; teams of four, consisted of men (only) are allowed to take part in the race on the long course!

  Reasons are quite obviuos, as you may guest. We do need some more teams on the start list to close a budget of the event. And we get some infos from our mates, that "they would take part in, but are missing a girl...". So - no worries, girls are wanted (still), but you may do it men's way (this time). And - there will be separate classification for mixed and male teams, of course.

Another announce - we do recall, that you may pay bit cheaper entry fee till 10th of April. One more cause to put your team's name into start list... We do hope that compettion won't be in danger due to financial reasons...

Besides - men's team of four. How nice it would look like... Back to the 2003, for example :)