Good news! (Almost all of them)

  Plenty of news, most of them very good - that is our today's message for Raid 360 participants. So - read carefully, make a conclusion and cheer. List of reasons for cheering - below:

  •  schemes of the course are ready now. Well - it's Polish version only, but seems to understable anyway...
  • Our chief of the climbing section appeared to be a very nice man (or it's just a pose, maybe) - and decided to let teams (long course) to have TWO sets of climbing equipment only. You may take three or four (and it would be faster to make this ST, fr sure) - but two sets are now enough
  • and a special gift for those, who do not like to wake up too early; start of the liong course is delayed from 008.00 AM to 10.00 AM (Saturday, 30th of April). Current schedule - here: information

Wel, so now it's time for those less optimistic news. First - entries are closed. You may call us to ask, if you may join those happy teams from the start list... Secondly - long course participant will start bit later, but finish will be closed as scheduled. It mean that time limit is smaller by hours. Thirdly - we may get to the race base Friday's afternoon - as there are lessons before (quite an ordinary way in school) - so there are some changes in the  timetable.

 And yet another news; this Wednesday in Jakuszyce (near Szklarska Poreba) at 21.00 was -2°C and some little snow was falling... But - most of the infos were optimistic, anyway!